About the Tivoli Tree Committee

Tivoli’s Village Tree Committee was convened in 2016, formed from the Green Committee.

Purple robe locust planted 2015

The goals of the Tree Committee:

To help care for the village’s existing municipal trees (with DPW’s help), plant new trees to expand shaded areas and enhance the Village’s beauty, and reach out to Village residents with educational materials, like the March 2024 Tree Walk & Climate Talk.

Currently we have seven members: Christie Billeci, Mayor Joel Griffith, Dan McKenna, Bettina Mueller, Jim O’Grady, Sophie Plitt, and Kim Knowlton.

In the past year, you may have seen Tree Committee members walking around the village taking tree measurements. That’s because we’ve just finished an updated inventory of trees currently managed by the Village on municipal property.

With the information we gathered, we’ll be able to make a map of these trees’ location, species, and condition, which will help the Village care for trees’ health. We also discovered that over 28 different tree species can be found on Tivoli’s public lands, and 29% of our municipal trees have been planted in the last 10 years.