Tivoli Tree Inventory

Tivoli Village is part of NY State’s Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program. The Program supports local governments in leading their communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change, and thrive in a green economy.

The benefits of participating include leadership recognition, free technical assistance, and access to grants. To attain CSC certification at various levels (beginning with bronze, then silver, etc.), Tivoli’s CSC Task Force gathered documentation of activities that promote community climate resilience, which includes local forestry programs.

Tivoli’s Tree Committee conducted its tree inventory in 2023-2024. The updated inventory includes each municipally-managed tree’s location, site type, species, size, and condition. It also notes new trees that have been planted since the prior 2014 tree inventory. Members of the Tree Committee developed a Tivoli Tree Fact Sheet that summarizes the findings of the inventory and shares the benefits of trees for our climate and ecosystems.

The inventory, fact sheet, and a Tree Walk & Climate Talk held March 22nd, 2024, are all helpful in point-gathering toward CSC certification. The tree inventory will also be a great tool to track the location and condition of Village trees, help manage their health and care, and plan for future tree plantings.

Click on this inventory to see all six pages.

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