Tree inventory

The Tivoli Green Committee located a tree inventory of Tivoli that was done in 2006 by students from Cornell. Although the inventory is old, it is still useful. Click here to see the inventory (pdf)

80 new trees were purchased that year. Click here to see the details (excel)

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“S.W.A.T.” team to evaluate Tivoli

Tivoli – This weekend, a specialized unit of professionals dispensed by S.W.A.T. officials will roll into the village to evaluate a major local concern.

It’s not part of a TV reality op show, but rather, Tivoli ’s latest endeavor to protect the environmental master plan for the village. The S.W.A.T. team – or Student Weekend Arborist Team – from Cornell University will help the community and its public and civic officials to evaluate the quality and diversity of its trees.

“Maintaining the beauty and rural atheistic of our community is of the utmost importance to us here in Tivoli ,” said Mayor Marc Molinaro. “The work completed by these Cornell students will provide us with a professional assessment of where we stand now, what we need to do in the future to both protect and improve the plan we currently have.”

Tivoli recently completed the planting of more than 80 new trees within the village, as part of a beautification and traffic abatement program. The inventory completed by the S.W.A.T. team will help to establish a street tree program for the village.

“People underestimate the value of trees in our community,” said Tivoli ’s Deputy Mayor Thomas Cordier. “Trees are not only an important part of our community in terms of rural charm, but help to slow traffic and protect from severe weather.”

The Student Weekend Arborist Team helps small communities to manage their community trees and urban forests. It’s a means by which a small community can affordably get started in a street tree program.

The team works with a community to organize the completion of an inventory of all the street trees within the municipal boundary. The team will gather data on tree species, distribution, health and maintenance needs.

After the inventory is completed the data is used to help formulate a plan to manage trees within the community. After the inventory is completed it is recommended that a qualified, certified arborist evaluate potentially hazardous and/or risk trees in the community.

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