Tivoli Tree Report

Tree and planting at the four corners by the Green Committee

Tree and planting at the four corners by the Green Committee

Here is the report presented to the Green Committee on May 27th, describing the observations and suggestions of Kathy OConnor and Jeanette Canaday, following their “Tree Tour of Tivoli” May 19th.


Montgomery Street

We’d give high priority to replacing the fruit tree that apparently died and was removed from near the four corners, next to Marty Clark’s brick building southwest of the intersection.

We’d also like to place fruit tree’s at each street-side corner of Marty’s garage building.

Incidentally, Marty said he would look into planting a shade tree on his property, to shield the PANDAtv building, thus helping to hold down some electricity use in that building by natural cooling.


We would recommend planting two or three fruit trees on the south side of the road as you come into the Village from 9G. (A hint of the beautiful Village to come!) We’re inclined to place these opposite the beginning and ending of the Monument Hill road.

Heading westward on Broadway after our four corners, we’ll make a few suggestions

on the north side:

–to the right of the telephone pole outside Lisa Lynd’s house (the orange one),

— just east of Marybeth Tuton’s driveway, and

  on the south side:

— at the eastern corner of 68 Broadway,

— just east of Feroe Ave,

— at the eastern corner of Bruce’s place next to the Village Hall, and

— at the northeast corner of the Village Hall.

  North Road

We’d like to see two or three fruit trees placed on the east side of the road, between the Masonic Hall and the four corners.

Woods Road

We’d like to add two or three trees in front of the Condo’s there.

That road gets lots of walkers/bike riders. (Apparently used to be more trees there once upon a time.

 Memorial Drive in Tivoli Acres

Jeanette and Kathy agreed the site does need attention. Mostly cutting vegetation back at this point in time. Plantings, would be desirable, but would seem to be more of a neighborhood activity, because of its relatively low visibility to the broader residents/tourists base as a whole.

Memorial Park

We’d like to plant two shade trees southwest of the Pavillion, to eventually offer a better climate under the Pavillion in the summer. We’d recommend an oak tree to mirror the beautiful oak that is there, and another to match the three relatively new trees just west of the Pavillion.

 Down by the River

To start, we’d like to plant two or three relatively low fruit trees, along the north side of the road leading from Broadway to the water.


For both safety and aesthetic purposes, as well as possibly forestalling potential power outages

should these trees fall, we would recommend bringing down the following four trees.

  • At the baseball field, southwest of the dugout: large, dead tree that you wouldn’t want falling on anyone. Take it down, and plant a new one to offer better shade to the dugout.
  • Two on Broadway: at the well by St Syvia’s and not far westward, on the south side of Broadway. Should these fall on their own, big potential for power outage.
  • Of similar concern because of possible power outage, a large pine on the southeast corner of Woods Rd and Elizabeth Drive.


The tribute plaque to the Tivoli Little League, just east of the ballfield, has become             tremendously overgrown. A real disservice to the Little League and the folks who made this tribute happen.

Perhaps we ought to hold off on planting near the four corners until the underground/water/infrastructure situation is taken care of (hopefully in the near future). It may be foolhardy of us to plant near a potential sinkhole.

At the riverfront, the southern-most part of our potential park, is nicely mowed and maintained. We are wondering if the Village could start mowing the north area, just east of the railroad tracks, so that we might enjoy this area without having to cross the tracks.

Respectfully submitted to the Tivoli Green Committee,

Jean Canaday and Kathy OConnor


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